Apr 26, 2013



We start by establishing the day to day routine of how the First Kids go to their local schools with their convoy of Secret Service escorts.  

One of the girls tells her agent escort "there's a weird guy across the street" a group of agents sprint across the street and tackle the guy, turns out he's a paparazzi in disguise with a camera up his sleeve not a gun.

The middle daughter 12 years old she's embarrassed but a female agent tells her she did the right thing; he could have been an assassin. And into school they go. This shows the kids are aware of danger and safety-conscious.

First Kids ride in the middle SUV

Since kids go to different schools it's a big military undertaking: three vehicles for each kid.  An SUV in front with four armed agents,
another SUV with each kid and personal agents,
and then a third SUV bringing up the rear.

Friendly Agents in the third SUV

After school on the way back to the White House the 10 year old boy wants to stop and play basketball and the older girls want to go to the shopping mall.

Secret Service agents hate these un-planned stops but they've been ordered to do most of these spontaneous things by the President and First lady so their kids can at least feel like they're able to do normal activities.

Agents waiting for kids after school

So four female agents take the two girls to the Young Miss Boutique and male agents take our boy to a local playground so he can play basketball with a group of inner-city kids. Agents form defensive perimeter as trained.  

The kids are great they have natural ability and some of them will grow up and turn pro.  What they don't have are nets on their baskets it's your average inner-city asphalt playground court. 

Typical inner city basketball rim without a net. 
But the kids don't seem to mind they're happy.

The kids start to argue amongst themselves
so one of the agents acts as referee for the game, he rules against first son, calls a penalty on him for traveling, first son is angry and wants to go back to the White House.  

And as they drive away he looks longingly at the subway stars, and we realize he'd be happier living in their neighborhood so he could play every day with them after school. "You guys got the good life" he says to himself.

Back at the White House our boy marches into the Oval Office (accompanied by the agent) to complain to his Dad but Prez is going to side with the Secret Service agent/referee.  

         Thank you sir, just doing my job. Your son
          has talent he just needs to pass the ball more. 
     The President tosses the Agent a football,
      tells him it's the game ball from the Super Bowl
     and he can keep it for doing such a good job.

First Son tells his Dad that the inner-city kids don't even have nets on their basketball rims and something should be done about it, can Congress spend money to fix them? Dad says he'll call the Mayor of D.C. and
the very next day the subway stars see this:

By establishing the first kids being safety-conscious in the beginning and aware of how they can get things done to help others we convey a sense of responsibility, social relevance and fair play.

These First Kids are good but they feel like they are entitled to sneak out of the house same way kids in suburbia might do thinking they can get home in time before Mom and Dad arrive and certain nothing bad will happen to them it's normal kids logic.

Just because our kids live in the White House doesn't mean they don't desire to do fun things. Here's Sasha acting sassy as can be:

 At the moment the Obama Girls are still in awe of everything but based on what Chelsea Clinton said and the Bush Twins by 2nd term of living at the White House first kids are always trying to cut loose.

It really is a gilded cage like living in a fishbowl and the first kids always love it then start to hate it there.  Two years from now they'll be tired of living there and ready to sneak out.

In this movie we improve Obama's Family we have a 10 year old boy in 5th grade, a 12 year old girl in 7th grade, a 14 year old girl in 9th grade, so that's three different schools the Secret Service has to coordinate -- elementary school, middle school and high school.

16 year old Chelsea Davis is the daughter of Senator Maggie Davis of California. Maggie convinces the President and First Lady to let Chelsea babysit the First Kids while Senator Davis is taking the First Couple on a campaign trip to California.

Chelsea gets the exciting, fun job of babysitting the President's three kids. Their names are Jaedyn, Latasha and Janeka.

When Chelsea arrives she's greeted by a friendly female Secret Service agent and told that the kids are upstairs playing hide and seek.

Chelsea is given a tracking-receiver hand-held device by one of the agents. It has the kids’ locations on an iPhone-size radar grid map of the White House with all of the rooms in a sort of computerized blueprint so she easily finds them (they have transmitters on their shirts tiny little lapel pins so the Secret Service always knows exactly where they are.)

The kids aren’t happy about their presence being tracked. Sometimes it feels like they’ve been in a prison for the past four years. They’re trapped in the security bubble of the White House.

They need to cut loose. So after greeting Chelsea and sending her on an errand the kids put their plan into motion.  Tonight's the night they're gonna make it happen.

They remove their lapel pins so they can slip out of the White House through one of the escape tunnels which is really only to be used in an emergency. They even know how to avoid the surveillance cameras upstairs and downstairs.

 The lone Secret Service agent in the control room doesn't realize this he's focused on incoming data from somewhere else.

As far as he's concerned the kids are upstairs watching TV since their "radar blips" are sitting still and he's watching the ball game on TV. It's the 7th game of the World Series movie takes place last Saturday of October.

Agents won't freak out if they don't see the kids they've been instructed to leave the kids alone at night when they are upstairs in the residence.

Chelsea discovers that the First Kids have given her and the Secret Service the slip and without their tracking transmitters, there's no way to find them without going out to search for them.

Chelsea is afraid to alert the Secret Service as to what happened and all of the agents are now watching the big game in their private bullpen lounge; they assume the first kids are upstairs so no alarms go off.

Chelsea now has to find the kids on her own she's terrified of what will happen if she loses them. She's going to need help from her friends. She has to team up with a former boyfriend and rival girlfriend who have a car so they can drive her around the city looking for the kids.  

So we'll have the Secret Service chasing Chelsea and she's chasing after the First Kids with the Chinese trying to grab the kids before Chelsea and the Secret Service agents can find them.  

The First Kids just want to have a fun night on the town; they’ve been stuck in the protective cocoon of the Secret Service for four years and they're sick of it. They "never get to do anything fun."

 We also have a reporter chasing after them. She thinks it's the biggest story of all time and is determined to get an exclusive on it. She teams up with the female Secret Service agent.

 And we have some Chinese bad guys intent on kidnapping the First Kids and holding them hostage for a series of outrageous demands. 

The Chinese were tipped off by a traitorous White House insider, the deputy chief of staff who's trying to sabotage the President so he's defeated in the upcoming election.  

There’s a war room scene, where the kids plan their escape and mini-vacation in great detail, taking care to cover every possible stumbling block.

Set in the actual Situation Room in the basement of the West Wing they snuck down there using a special elevator "for the President's use only" 
The kids have the room all to themselves.
Jaedyn clicks up a map of the DC Metro on the
big screen where the Presidential emblem is:
"OK we take the Orange Line to the Red Line, transfer
to the Yellow Line then on to the Green Line then back
here on the Red Line to the Orange Line. Or the Blue Line."
His sisters look somewhat confused: "If you say so dude." 

 Beneath the Situation Room is the real War Room 
A North Korean submarine is making its way up
the Potomac River. The Navy & Coast Guard are
actively tracking it. The President is notified by
secure telecom, he's still aboard Air Force One.

It turns out the Chinese hope to rendezvous with the sub, they intend to take the First Kids back to North Korea. Oh that krazy Kim Jong ill with his dastardly plots. Smile please:

  Dear Leader is in a bad mood he won't smile
  until the First Kids are in North Korea.

Once the kids are out and about they tell people who ask that they're celebrity child impersonators from Bethesda. "We do shopping mall appearances all the time!"

The kids also manage to send the Secret Service an encrypted email "From the President" ordering them to return to the White House immediately because the kids have been found.

When the agents return, they discover that the President never sent such an email. They are demoted to janitors and more agents are sent out. We also have a team of Special Forces G.I. Joe types in high-tech SWAT Vans.
At first the kids have fun, enjoying their freedom and lack of supervision. They ride the D.C. subway for the first time ever. Up to Georgetown then back to D.C. Much more fun than riding in their normal SUV's and presidential limousines. 

The subway is exciting. "I'm a subway star at last" says the first son; his sisters laugh at him. "How are you a subway star?" / "I just am, you know it, wait and see" he says proudly.  

But the kids get off in the bad part of the city, just blocks from the White House, and are scared. There’s nothing but bars, strip joints and pool halls, and all sorts of unsavory characters. This is the notorious 14th Street just two blocks south and two blocks east of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

 Adult video stores and prostitutes are everywhere it's like a totally different city. First Kids are aghast they never saw this part of D.C. before, they've only seen the nice parts -- the landmarks and the tourist spots. They certainly didn't want to wind up here.

And then they realize they don’t have any more money – everything was always bought for them by others. And those others are no longer there.

 Starving, but without money for dinner, the kids drop in to a homeless shelter and are made to endure a long, boring religious service before they’re given food.

Overprivileged and spoiled, they keep making requests for things that they take for granted when eating at the White House.

Desperate to leave the sleazy part of town, they hitch-hike a ride with a woman who seems normal and nice, but slowly develops into a real nut-case.

At a traffic light, they secretly exit her car as she drives on, continuing to share with them her plan for world domination.

 Chased by the Chinese bad guys, the kids commandeer a garbage truck, begging the driver to help them escape by promising him a huge reward from their father the President. 

What follows is an exciting car chase through the city via garbage truck – in which the truck does all sorts of damage and causes tons of accidents, but the truck itself and the kids remain unscathed.

 Finally captured by the Chinese and held for ransom, the kids pull out all the stops, using their smart psychological wiles to first drive their captors crazy, and then get their captors fighting amongst themselves – at which time the kids make their escape, heading toward the Lincoln Memorial for the fun-filled climax.

Big action comedy scene set at the Lincoln Memorial - the kids are captured by the Chinese after climbing up Lincoln's pedestal.

Our boy scrambles up Lincoln's overcoat and stands on his shoulder. From there he can taunt the bad guys, come and get me!
Just then the subway stars show up and help distract the bad guys they throw their basketballs at them: Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! 

Hitting them in the face and the groin with rapid-fire basketball throws non-stop!     

But the kids are still captured and taken in a van to the Jefferson Memorial for the midnight rendezvous with a North Korean submarine that will take all of them to North Korea.        


The North Korean submarine surfaces right in the Tidal Basin
where it's immediately surrounded by Coast Guard boats.

"Attention! Get out of the sub with your hands in the air!"

 The First Kids are saved by the Coast Guard.

That's when the Cavalry finally arrives: the Secret Service the FBI the D.C. Police and the entire White House press corps with cameras it's Live on every TV Network.  50 reporters yelling simultaneously into their microphones.
Here comes Marine One the Presidential Helicopter  bringing the President and First Lady from Air Force One at nearby Andrews Air Force Base. To say that Dad and Mom are angry upset disappointed furious is an extreme understatement.  

"Let's go kids, fun time is over. You're grounded for the next four years no matter where we live and it probably won't be the White House. You see all those TV cameras over there? You've embarrassed me in front of the whole world. Get in the damn helicopter."

First Kids are rightfully ashamed but all the news coverage of this escapade helps their father Win re-election! by a large margin. The most stunning come from behind victory in history.

People relate to him better. He has trouble with his own kids and that makes him more of the average American parent. He's astonished that he won he was certain his kids hurt him badly.

Ironically the kids hoped to cause their father to lose re-election they wanted to go back to their normal life in Ohio but due to all the crazy pandemonium and resulting publicity they caused their father ends up winning whereas had they not done this crazy stunt he surely would've lost re-election.

Chelsea becomes a National Hero an instant overnight Celebrity. We see a montage of her on every magazine cover and on every TV show. Media pundits debate:  does she deserve this notoriety, didn't she really screw up?

Well yes but it wasn't really her fault; sure she should have informed the Secret Service right away but she went out on her own and found the First Kids and saved them before any harm could come to them.

She's offered her own MTV program and does it along with an internet show and fashion shoots then gets a college scholarship.

The subway stars also get rich and famous they do commercials for basketball shoes and attire. The President invites them to play a game with the Harlem Globetrotters for charity in the Rose Garden with the First Kids. 
We do a fun montage here to the Globetrotters
signature theme music Sweet Georgia Brown.
An aide whispers in the President's ear and we cut to a week later, the subway stars and first son are now an official basketball team the White House All-Stars they play all their home games in the new White House basketball court in the East Room.
                         It's the perfect size for basketball.
               They take out the chandeliers and install a basketball court.
 Going to watch the first-ever indoor game at the White House.
First Son is happy at long last, he got what he wanted most -- real friends. The First Lady organizes a girls team so her daughters can also play in the league. We can't leave the girls out they got game too. So everyone benefits.

Kids are fascinated with Washington D.C. they love all the famous sights and landmarks they take school day trips there all the time. 

In this movie they're going to see D.C. like never before, at night with kids their own age on a wild and crazy comedy adventure. 

This movie has enormous audience appeal.  Families will flock to it they won't be able to resist it because it's such good-natured fun.   

 Once or twice a month a Senator's Daughter is allowed to be the White House Babysitter it's a really big thing for these teenage girls to get the First Babysitter gig even if it's just for one night.

And foreign ambassadors' daughters also get the gig. It's a prize and parents try to ingratiate themselves with the First Couple in the hope that their daughter will be called to babysit the first kids for a Saturday night.

 The Obamas really do go on date nights but in this movie President and First Lady are in California then on their way back on Air Force One; they will arrive back in D.C. at Midnight or 1 AM and since the first kids' tracking blips are stationary up in the private residence,

the lone secret service agent in the control room has no reason to suspect anything's wrong and he's got his eyes glued to the World Series Game on TV same as the other dozen agents in their bullpen are doing so it's a relaxing Saturday night for them and nothing out of the ordinary.

The kids know how to get out of the White House because they've been shown the escape tunnels "in case of emergency" and these tunnels exist. (Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver used one of these tunnels in "Dave")

This movie should be made for 12 to 15 million. It can also be made for 10 million. Or it could be a dvd movie made for 5 to 7 million.  Our budget is very flexible and very realistic.

The large family audience will love White House Babysitter, and kids everywhere will be captivated by the extreme fun of it, they will get to see what it's like to be a First Kid having fun.                              

Every website every network will do feature stories about this movie it'll get massive news coverage not just here but worldwide. It's going to be a very profitable picture it's a big  family comedy with enormous appeal worldwide.

 We have the News Media on our side they will publicize this movie non-stop. They won't be able to resist publicizing it. Because the Obama Girls are going to cameo in it.  That's right. 

 We can look forward to cover stories in Time and Newsweek, pegged to actual news articles about the real White House Secret Service and how they protect the real First Kids.

The publicity that this movie gets will be enormous thanks to the Obama Girls.  We want Sasha & Malia to cameo in this as students on a tour of the White House in the beginning of the movie.  And guess what?  We'll get them.

 Michelle Obama will say Yes to this she'll even let us film some of it at the White House in the East Wing where the public tours go.


  Space Shuttle Astronauts.  This can only mean
   one thing -- the sequel is going to take place in 
   outer space on the International Space Station.

We want to film a fake trailer for this silly sequel send the kids home wondering if it's really going to be the sequel, they'll love it; we may actually have to do it just to make our audience happy.  They'll write letters and send emails asking about it. "Are they really going up into outer space?" That's what the fake trailer will certainly show --

First Kids go to Space Camp accompanied by Chelsea and up into outer space they go! But the space shuttle has a mechanical failure and the kids are trapped on the space station. With only enough oxygen for five hours. 

Chelsea: "Oh my God we're trapped up here!"  Latasha: "Don't worry my Dad'll save us." Janeka: "He'll order NASA to send another space shuttle up here to rescue us."  

Naturally our first son will figure out how to repair the problem he's a subway star and a rocket scientist the boy's a true genius.

Jaedyn: "We don't have enough air to wait for another shuttle to get here, I'm gonna fix it myself gimme that space helmet and jet pack I'm goin' outside into zero gravity to fix this darn thing."

And he steps into the air lock and floats up and out as his jet pack propels him to where the space shuttle needs to be repaired. Think kids in the audience will enjoy this scene?

So we're going to set aside some extra money in the budget to do this one minute teaser-trailer not just for the dvd we're going to show this to the kids in the theaters right before the closing credits. We want them to see this movie twice. 

We may have to do this outer space adventure as the first episode of the animated after-school/saturday morning spin-off TV series. We want to turn "White House Babysitter" into a cartoon like "Kim Possible" for more continuing adventures.

With Chelsea, First Kids, Subway Stars and lots of other fun characters doing all sorts of crazy cartoon things like Saving Christmas from the evil forces of Anti-Claus and GRINCH the Grumpy Rascals Intending to Negate Christmas Happiness or going back into outer space to help Space Cassidy and the Moondance Kid save the galaxy from the dreaded Astro Zombies from Planet X. 

We'll even have a cartoon version of Kim Jong ill he's a cartoon villain in real life so he belongs here.  He's our super villain.

I hate that darn White House Babysitter!
I'll get you darn kids if it's the last thing I ever do.


                            Lindsay Naythons, Stephen Meier, Mark Miller